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The Bloc is About More Than Boxing Practice

When young people head to The Bloc, they come for much more than a boxing practice. Jamyle Cannon, founder of the Bloc, says that his hope is to draw young people to join the gym because they want to fight and bolster his youth so that they leave the program believing in their capacity for excellence.


Over the past 6 months, The Bloc has transformed its boxing gym into a multifaceted community center -- serving as a food pantry on Sundays, a virtual learning space during the school day, and always a safe place for young people to find their niche.


An active member of the North Lawndale Athletic and Recreation Association (NLARA), The Bloc is a prime example of the association’s holistic approach to youth sports. All member organizations are trained through Play Like a Champion’s curriculum and believe in the importance and power of constructive play. Young people are drawn to programming to become better athletes and become much better teammates along the way.


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