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There are several ways that you can be part of the solution, helping to provide A Team for Every Child in your community or in other cities across the country. You can help change the story by joining us and investing in the lives of children who need our support. Consider the following ways to join the movement!

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Support Us

Creating opportunities for children requires resources. From dedicated staff to equipment and training, we need your help to provide in order to provide sustainable solutions to children in need.

Train Coaches

Creating a great youth sports environment means giving coaches the tools they need. Using Play Like a Champion Today Educational Series curriculum, we train coaches in a positive, developmentally appropriate approach to sport. Sponsor training in your community!

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Partner with Us

Work with us to provide a positive youth sports experience for every child in your city. From an initial needs assessment to building a sustainable association and beyond, talk to us about how A Team for Every Child's approach can benefit your community. 

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A Team for Every Child

Connect to us to learn more or join the movement!

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A Team for Every Child is an initiative of Play Like a Champion Today,  a Registered 501(c)(3). 

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